Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Melvin Goes on Vacation

I rescued Melvin on a Saturday. Four days later, on Wednesday, July 4, I departed for ten days in Scotland. I dropped him off at the home of my friend Corey, who had offered to cat-sit while I was gone. I felt terrible uprooting Melvin just as he was getting settled into his new home.

The night before I left my baby for ten days. I felt like the worst cat mom ever.
I let him sit on my lap on the car ride into Ann Arbor. I handed off the kitten, his food, and a couple of cat toys and then bolted because I wanted to cry. I knew Corey and his wife would take great care of him because they're also pet people, but still...I was abandoning my sweet kitten! I requested updates, and I got my first one after I emerged from communications blackout after my long plane ride.

Corey wrote: "I've been Melvined." By that he meant his feet had become targets of pouncing. I said, "He likes toes. Watch out."

He has the feisty look, which I would come to know well
While I was wearing long pants and jackets in rainy, 60-degree Scotland, southeast Michigan was baking in the worst heat wave in over 20 years. I know that on at least a couple of the days I was gone, temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. Melvin tried to find relief anywhere he could in Corey's un-air-conditioned house.

One hot kitten
Of course being on vacation means one gets away with things that aren't normally allowed, like eating cold whipped topping in an effort to beat the heat.

I said, "what are you feeding my kitten?!"

 I returned from my trip on July 14 and the first thing I did was stop in Ann Arbor to collect Melvin. He had grown a little during the 10 days I was away, and I think he remembered me. I let him sit on my lap again for the ride home.

"You came back! Now take me home."
I knew this "second" homecoming would be the final one, and it was time he became a full member of my home, with all the spoiling and love and privileges that come from being one of my cats.

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